Spoilers of Thrones

For any “Game of Thrones” fans still reeling from The Red Wedding:

You may well resent us book readers for keeping this spoiler from you.  Or for giggling uncontrollably at your pain.  But in case you’re thinking of giving the hell up on the show, there’s hope!  Not all spoilers are coming catastrophes!

There is justice in George RR Martin’s world.  It is rarely either cheap or timely.  But if you’re concerned the story to come is naught but a nihilistic gloomfest where the cruel are rewarded and the kind systematically ground to dust … not so much.

Here are some spoilers that, through five books of the series, you may yet look forward to without a looming sense of dread:

Of course, some horrible things are going to happen, too.  It IS Game of Thrones, you know.