Justice Playthrough #193: Outdoor Adventurer Tileset

Some of the game assets I’ve discovered in this trawl have positively dripped with potential, and would clearly be of tremendous value to anyone developing a game matching the feel they’re trying to capture.

Then there’s … this.

Page 58, Game 19: Outdoor Adventurer Tileset by reshmush

This asset pack consists of three .png files, which I won’t preview, because there’s just so little here that screen-capping it feels like I’m legit handing too much of it away. There are 28 background tiles, featuring some combination of “green” and “brown.” There are 16 sprites of a little knight dude that could presumably depicting him moving from a few different angles. There are four images of a very, very small cat from different angles.

That’s it.

There’s not much here — and according to the page, it’s intended for non-commercial use. Even though the dev is charging you money for it. Which is weird. Isn’t pretty much EVERYTHING I can find on Google available for non-commercial use? I mean, as long as I’m not making money off of a thing, can’t I just harvest images for it from wherever the hell I can find them?

Eh, whatever. This is a very, very small project. The little knight guy is kinda cute, for what it’s worth. Most of these asset pack resource type thingies are of pretty limited value anyway since you have to be a game dev looking for something very specific, but this one feels even more limited than most. Maybe someone found it really useful, though, so that’d be cool.

Will this next game also maybe feature a cute doggo or two?

Page 55, Game 27: Hooks And Shotguns by FifthEdgeStudios

Lord, I hope not. I don’t want either hooks OR shotguns coming near my goodbois. But on the bright side, whatever’s waiting for me — Pirates? Zombies? Meat packing? — I hoping it’s gonna be AWESOME.