Forbidden Lore Design Diary #3: A Void With Walls

Know what’s more interesting than moving around an infinite void? MOVING AROUND A MOTHERFUCKING DUNGEON THAT’S WHAT!

Build it and they will come

Granted, when the dungeon is completely empty, it’s not THAT much more interesting. (I’m the red “@” sign. That yellow one? That’s Larry. He’s just chilling, don’t worry about Larry. He’s just happy he didn’t wind up embedded in the walls again.) But, still. There are places I can go, and places I CANNOT go! And I’m generating this shit at random, just like a proper roguelike!

Still following the script, though things are getting sophisticated enough that I occasionally had to debug when I miscopied something. (Already learned that Eclipse’s in-line syntax checker can be fooled a bit easier than I’d prefer and is prone to reporting false errors that look alarming but that don’t actually prevent the code from running. Grr.)

I should probably use my next coding session to spend some quality time with a Python tutorial. I’m more or less following along, but I think it’s time to get myself a bit better grounded in the basics of that language.

This is coming together fast. I imagine it will come together a whole lot LESS fast once I hit the end of the scripted tutorial and have to, you know, decide some shit for myself. Still. This is cool as hell.