Forbidden Lore Design Diary #4: Now With A Point Of View

Nobody who explores a dungeon should have a godlike view of the hellhole into which they have plunged. Restricting the POV to just what you can draw a line to was the focus of today’s tutorial.

Yeah, need to work on that fog-of-war color scheme a bit

It’s one of those things that’s astoundingly simple (and leans heavily on an existing bit of code) if you know what you’re doing, and hard as balls if you don’t. Thanks to the tutorial, I can pretend that I know what I’m doing! Am I gonna keep knowing what I’m doing when I move past the tutorial?

Maaaaaaaaaaybe? The relevant code is powered by a lot of array shenanigans that I can only barely follow along with. Looks like the “numpy” package is a big fuckin’ deal here.

At this point, I feel like if I can iterate out from what the tutorial is showing me, I have a fighting chance of figuring out out. If I have to do something array-powered that’s nothing like anything I’ve yet done, that’s gonna be a fight. But what the hell, that’s what the /r/roguelikedev community is for. I hope.

And it’s possible that this tutorial is gonna cover so much ground that most of what I want to do is just going to be some iterative extension of it. That’d be nice.

Important to note: this version of the tutorial isn’t complete. It’s an updated version of a pre-existing 13-part tutorial, and it only covers up to Part 9. The author meant to have the final four chapters finished by now, but is apparently running behind due to life or something. If I catch up to the end, I may have to branch out on my own and try adapting the lessons of the old tutorial to the new code. That could actually be a really worthwhile challenge.

Also started going through a Python tutorial. Nothing too exciting there, though it is helping provide me with a little formal context for stuff I’ve already figured out. Python has an awful lot of fiddly bits in its method parameter definitions, definitely hitting “Enough rope to hang yourself” territory. Looks like the tutorial is pretty good about documenting any esoteric/inobvious features it’s using, at least.

Still feeling good about this. Looking forward to defining the battle spells by which fools shall be smoked.