Jurassic World: Burt Macklin, Dinosaur Whisperer

Jurassic World is one of those movies where I suspect the more I talk about it, the worse it’s gonna sound. So, the bottom line: it’s fun, well-staged dinosaur mayhem. It’s also a bit smarter than I thought, setting up many of its plot points/action beats more intelligently than I expected it to.

It is also Chris Pratt’s least interesting role to date. Pratt excels at bringing a lively goofball charm to the table, but Jurassic World asks him to play it 100% straight bad-ass with only a handful of playful moments. He doesn’t fail, exactly, but neither does he truly excel. If you’re a Parks & Rec fan, this ultimately becomes hilarious in a distracting meta way; this is the lantern-jawed uber-capable manly hero of manful manliness that Andy Dwyer imagines himself as every time he slips into Burt Macklin mode.

It’s also pretty silly most of the time, but anybody expecting a cerebral science fiction exploration of how technology affects the human condition really has no business in a theater where grumpy leathery birds can fly off with full grown human adults in their slashy talons while a hybrid of T-Rex and Predator DNA called — no shit — an iRex wreaks havoc. Go for the dinosaurs, or stay home.

The best thing I can say about this movie is that going to see it did not make me regret not doing Fury Road for a third time. (And I did very much like the scene where BURT MACKLIN, DINOSAUR WHISPERER and his pack of WARBOY RAPTORS RIDE ETERNAL INTO VALHALLA, SHINY AND CHROME! WITNESS ME, SECURITY CAMERA BLOODBAG!) Recommended for anybody who has unironically pleasant memories of the first Jurassic Park; Lord knows this movie does.