Justice Playthrough #106: LA Hallucination

“OMG is that game based on Carly Rae Jepsen?!” — My wife

Page 42, Game 19: LA Hallucination by Rosie 🌹

I’m not really a Carly Rae fan. My wife, however, is. So this game — produced as part of the Carly Rae Jepcember game jam — MUST be played.

And I kinda wanted to bang-out a game or two tonight.

So, this entry is an IOU. This is the rare tabletop game I’m actually gonna play.

In the meanwhile, what sexiness awaits me next?

Page 54, Game 8: Dual Pong by randomess_dj_p

No description.

You know I got no problem going retro. Doesn’t get much more retro than Pong.