Justice Playthrough #107: Dual Pong

Fuck me, it’s Pong.

Page 54, Game 8: Dual Pong by randomess_dj_p

In Pong you … play fucking Pong. Come on. It’s Pong.

But Dual Pong re-imagines Pong as a serious competitive e-sport. How serious?

Madden 2020: PONG Edition!

You can just let the ball bounce off of your paddle — if you’re a punk. Hit the right button at the right time, and you can hit it HARD, and/or hit it straight across or reverse the direction of the ball.

Depending on where your opponent is, this can result in a ball they literally CANNOT reach. Particularly if they’re chasing down the other ball.

Did I mention that the “Dual” part of Dual Pong is a reference to the two balls bouncing around the screen?

This is the most wholesome context in which you will ever see the initials “DP” in conjunction with “two balls”

But that’s not all! DOUBLES Pong, motherfucker!

Size does matter


In a four-way DP, I feel like there ought to be more balls


Coach Jimmy here is not known for his brevity

So, how is it?

Well … it’s fun. It’s not perfect. But it’s way more fun that I would expect Pong to be.

The collision detection seems to get a little sketchy at high speed, particularly with how the balls interact; I want the balls to bounce off of each other a bit more than they do, or at the very least not occupy the same space so easily. I wouldn’t mind a little more variability in the angle of the ball as it comes off the paddles; it’ll either come out at a 45-degree angle one way or the other or straight out. The AI is not bright; in the four-way Pong Brawl, when I started reversing the angle on my return shots, the AI was fucking BAFFLED.

But the goal here is to turn Pong — fuckin’ PONG — into a game of depth and skill, and … yeah. I think it does. Make the right return shot, and your opponent is BONED. The permanent multi-ball play does add a fun twist. I got bored with the AI kinda quickly, but this feels like the kinda think I woulda had a BLAST playing back in the day with the other guys living in my dorm.

There’s room for improvement. But you can seriously get into this motherfucker.

If you’re looking for a fun retro same-screen multi-player experience, I definitely recommend giving this one a look.

So, how far back into video gaming’s history are we going for this next one?

Page 42, Game 26: Combed Clap of Thunder by emosludge

“Comic collection exploring human emotion and isolation.”

Ah, jumping “games” entirely and hitting up the comics. So we’re going WAY the hell back.