Justice Playthrough #109: Death and Taxes

Actually, just Death, really. But given that my real-life day job covers “Taxes,” I’m cool with that.

Page 3, Game 21: Death and Taxes by Placeholder Gameworks

You’re Death. Not THE Death, but one of ’em. Your turf is Cosmopolis City. You were made for the job! Literally. Summoned for it. By this guy, Fate.

You can always trust a dude in a chair with a cat

The job’s been streamlined. No going out there and swinging a scythe or any of that exhausting nonsense; just review the files as they come across your desk, and use your best judgment. Kill, or Not Kill? It’s kinda like Tinder — but you’re gettin’ paid, not laid. Also, death.

Hope you weren’t super attached to this whole “living” thing, dude. Sweet ‘stache, though.

You boss has some opinions on who you oughta be killing. Don’t worry, bro. It’s all according to the Plan.

This is a darkly silly game that’s more thoughtful than it appears, and seriously rewards engagement. Do you embrace your role, or do you fight against it? I mean, if you just roll with it, you DO get paid, and can spend your wages in that pirate guy’s shop in the basement. And you can experience the sublime joy of official recognition at work!

Killin’ it, yo

Who lives? Who dies? Why are you the one who has to decide? What the hell is going ON here, anyway?

Figuring that shit out is what the game is all about.

It’s well-paced, and satisfies without wearing out its welcome. I honestly don’t want to say much more about it, because exploring the game is just a lot of fun.

Very cool game. Recommended.

So how many people is this next one gonna ask me to kill?

Page 42, Game 2: Our Hero Neighbors by Jamie O’Duibhir

“A game of community, collaboration, and cooperation.”

I’m guessing this next one is murder-free.