Justice Playthrough #115: A HUNDRED THOUSAND PLACES

I am entirely too basic a bitch for this.

Page 35, Game 29: A HUNDRED THOUSAND PLACES by Maria Mison

Ten pages of stream-of-consciousness free verse. This is not something I would consider a “game” — seems more like a kind of … guided meditation, I guess? Feels extremely full of itself.

I’m confident that I am not the audience for this product, and there isn’t anything about it that’s enticing me into trying to pry-open my mind far enough to grok it. So let’s just move on.

Will I understand WTF is going on in this next one?

Page 30, Game 2: Our Lady by Jess Go

“A storytelling game where you play children visited by a divine spirit. Written for Folklore Jam”

Dang. I’m learning that storytelling games likely aren’t my jam. Can give it a look, at least.