Justice Playthrough #118: Wild Woods

Promising. Very, very promising.

Page 24, Game 6: Wild Woods by WildWoods

Your wagon is making its way through the woods. Gather resources by day, fight desperately for your lives at night! You and up to three friends (all with controllers plugged into the same machine, natch) are kitty cats on an expedition. As your wagon trundles along, you can chop wood to toss into the back so you can turn on the lights when it goes dark and the baddies arrive. Or, you can harvest the plants you need to make potions of healing, to help you survive said baddies. Or, you can mow the lawn for some chump change.

Make hay while the sun shines, bro

Survive long enough and you’ll make it to The Bandit King. Emerge victorious from the big-ass boss fight, and you’ll move on to…

The main credits screen.


This is version 0.016 of the game. Not a hell of a lot of content here.

But what’s here is pretty damn good.

First thing that jumps out at me: the game looks fantastic. This may be an early version, but it’s already pretty damn polished. The animation is adorable and smooth, and everything looks like it belongs in the same world together. This sincerely feels like something I’d be playing on the Nintendo Switch.

In fact, I’d RATHER be playing it on the Switch. This game is meant to be multi-player, but I only have the one controller, so as much as I’d love to invite my wife and her boyfriend to go hack and slash some murder-bunnies with me, I really can’t. Solo mode is fine, but this is clearly a diluted version of the intended experience. This definitely feels like we’d all have a blast tossing onto the big TV.

The game always keeps moving — literally. That damn cart doesn’t stop (mostly), so if you’d like to gather up resources, you need to hustle. This gives that game a very nice sense of tension even when you’re not in combat. (The exception is that when the cart comes to a fork in the road, it will stop and wait for you to choose which way you’d like to go. It may have disrupted the rhythms of the game, but every time, I made sure to harvest everything harvestable on the screen before allowing it to go forward.) Chop the thing to turn into a resource, grab the resource, run back to the wagon, toss it into the wagon, go find another thing to chop.

Once night falls, you’ll need to put the stuff you’ve gathered to use. You use the wood to light the fire, which never seems to burn long enough or illuminate enough area. You’ll use the plants to power-chug healing potions as the game’s various monsters wail on you.

Aw, are those cute widdle bunny wab– OH FUCK THEY’RE STABBING ME

The bunnies are basically mooks, but it isn’t long before sub-bosses like badgers start showing up. Luckily, the big bads will telegraph their attacks and give you a chance to dodge to safety — assuming there’s somewhere you can dodge to. Also, bad-guy friendly fire is totally A Thing in this game, and watching the big guys murk their allies never stops being hilarious.

Take enough damage, and you die. Die three times, and your expedition is over.

Also, the big guys drop gold sacks, which you’ll need to pick up and toss into your wagon like any other resource. This is somehow perfect despite how annoying it is.

There are also power-ups you’ll occasionally be given the chance to spend your money on. This version of the game only allows you to pimp your wagon, but I have to think beefing-up your personal weaponry and armor will start showing up as an option as the game keeps being developed.

That’s really my only serious beef with this game — there’s not enough content here yet. Given that it’s Version 0.016, that’s hardly a surprise. Even playing the watered-down solo version, if there had been another forest to fight through, I’d gladly have done it. The core cycle of gathering resources during the day then spending them fighting for your life at night just plain worked for me. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see it on the Switch in a few years — it absolutely looks that polished. And if I see it there, I’m gonna buy it. This looks like a damned fine little party-esque game.

Last I checked, it’s free — as one would hope for Version 0.016. I can definitely recommend giving it a try.

How many cute woodland critters will be locked in mortal combat for this next one?

Page 6, Game 11: RPG Items – Retro Pack by Blodyavenger

“591 retro styled item RPG items”

Ah, looks like a development resource pack. So I’m gonna guess “none.” Unless the person who made them is VERY creative. Who wouldn’t wanna go into battle wielding a pair of woodchuck-chuks?