Justice Playthrough #119: RPG Items – Retro Pack

Fuck me, I might use this.

Page 6, Game 11: RPG Items – Retro Pack by Blodyavenger

It is what it says on the tin, a whole shitload of lo-fi sprites for use in a retro RPG. I’m taking a stab at doing-up a fantasy themed roguelike. I’m not to the point where I need real graphics yet, I’m very early in the tutorial, but … yeah. Once I start integrating items and shit, I’m gonna bear this guy in mind.

If you need some sprites for gems and food and armor and weapons and potions and stuff, this might be worth a look.

Will the next entry be as useful?

Page 57, Game 5: Knights of the Kitchen Table by Bat Enthusiast

“The culinary comedy tabletop RPG.”

Wait, is that the comic book I used to read 20 years ago?

No, no, that’s Knights of the DINNER table. Damn, that was some funny shit. Oh, hey, they’re still publishing it! Dope! I should check that out — or at least read some back issues.

I’m sure this game thing will be lovely too, though.