Justice Playthrough #122: The Morrison Survival Game


Page 55, Game 15: The Morrison Survival Game by Jon Jon Games Studios, Inc.®

When I downloaded it, I got a warning from Google Drive that the file was too big to scan for viruses. I downloaded it anyway, unzipped it, and ran my virus scanner on it; all clear. However, actually firing up the game gave me this:

Uh oh

I do NOT, in fact, know for certain that it’s safe. So I’m going to be conservative here and back away from it.

Though just to be fair … I’m gonna remove it from the “already covered” list my script uses. If it comes back ’round on the guitar, I’ll give it another look and see if by then a critical mass of users have confirmed it is not digital herpes.

In the meanwhile, let’s have a look at this guy:

Page 3, Game 10: Vilmonic by bludgeonsoft

“Artificial life and genetics evolution simulator sandbox game.”

Aw, yeah. Let’s get godlike with it.