Justice Playthrough #124: Antigas Constelações (sobre a Vila Itororó)

Damn, I was right. Can’t play this one.

Page 54, Game 28: Antigas Constelações (sobre a Vila Itororó) by Menotti

Looks like it’s VR; when I try booting it up in my laptop, I just get a blank screen (albeit with some very nice background music playing). Also, from the comments on the game page, it looks like there’s a lot of spoken stuff that’s all in un-subtitled Brazilian Portuguese. So there’s a hell of a lot standing between me and actually playing this guy.

Screenshots on the game page look pretty dope, though.

Perhaps the next one will be more accessible?

Page 33, Game 8: Penicillin Issue #2 by Micah Anderson

“The follow up to the acclaimed first issue of Penicillin, a new Eclectic RPG Zine.”

Ah, zine-time. I’ve actually had pretty good experiences with these, even when I’m not familiar with the core game. Let’s see if this guy continues the trend.