Justice Playthrough #129: Sanguine Sanctum

New rule: if your game makes me feel like I need to barf, I’m gonna say mean things about your game.

Page 7, Game 27: Sanguine Sanctum by Modus Interactive

The pool of blood wants stuff. Go find stuff, feed the pool of blood.

Feeling kinda judged here, pool of blood

Some games are about telling a story, others are about interesting/challenging gameplay. Sanguine Sanctum punts on both. Finding the various red lumps coveted by the pool of blood is just a matter of wandering around, clicking/stepping on enough things for the game to reward you. What is the pool of blood? No idea. Why do you want to feed it? Eh, it’s not like you have anything better to do. What’s going to happen if you feed it? Fuck if i know. Maybe it’ll get up and direct Season 2 of Firefly or tear the world in half or something, I don’t know, I’m just a cat.

No, this one’s all about the mood. Sanguine Sanctum just wants to establish a creepy psychedelic grove and let you wallow in it. So, how does it do that?

The system … is down! The system … is down!

By throwing sweet statue rave parties, of course!

Actually, it just kinda throws weird shit against the wall. Maybe some of it will stick for you.

That really didn’t engage me, but what the hell, it’s fine. Where the game outright lost me was the sections — and there are many of them — when the game deliberately fucks around with motion in order to try and enhance the sense of wrongness.

Prepare to enter the tie dye zone

I’m too basic to record animated screenshots. But the game likes to do this thing where the walls — like the ones above — move at a different speed than the floor. You’re walking past them, but they’re not moving like they should! Creepy, right?

Actually, for me, it induced motion sickness. I played this game for about half an hour, and came out of it needing to lie the fuck down. It wasn’t fun, it was just nasty.

So, yeah, I’m not gonna play this one to the end.

If you’re looking for a creepy game driven entirely by visual mood and read the “motion sickness” bit and were like “Pfft, what a pussy,” then by all means, give this one a look. But I definitely can’t say I recommend it.

What physiological reaction is this game gonna provoke?

Page 39, Game 27: Unmoored by Lari Assmuth

“You are a time-traveller on a crucial mission, but something has gone terribly wrong…”

Ah, it’s gonna stimulate the Bill and Ted centers of my brain. Most excellent.