Justice Playthrough #133: Analog Zine Issue 1-9

Not for me, thanks.

Page 55, Game 17: Analog Zine Issue 1-9 by Analog Fanzine

This is a zine about gaming. The first article in the first issue is about the author loves trash-talking in gaming culture. The second is about how much bullshit the author has had to put up with from the online gaming community because she’s a woman.

I have no idea if this juxtaposition is supposed to be ironic, or if the editor simply didn’t notice.

I skimmed through the first and final issues, and nothing really grabbed me. The articles tend towards the rambly and unfocused, mixed in with occasional listicles and thinly-veiled personal promotions. Still, even if I personally find the quality suspect, there’s an earnestness to the whole endeavor that I respect. So I’ll just say that it’s not for me and move on.

Will this next entity clearly denote its fictional bits as fiction?

Page 56, Game 2: Nuvoloso by Claudio Vertemara

“A Casual Arcade game where you look at a sky full of clouds.”

Obviously not. Everybody knows clouds aren’t real, and are all actually government surveillance drones.