Justice Playthrough #136: Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition

Not a great game, even when it’s working.

It’s usually not working.

Page 13, Game 19: Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition by Axol Studio

Blasting Agent is a Olde Timey side-scrolling pixel shooter that visually is trying to evoke the feel of NES games like Contra.

This is its first huge mistake; the gameplay is absolutely nothing like Contra. You are not a bad-ass storming through an alien-infested jungle laying down adrenaline-fueled devastation. You are an (admittedly) tough but nimble soldier tentatively scurrying forward with a cheap, shitty “gun” rendered largely ineffective by its terrible range and negligible stopping power. Every time you encounter even a starting-level mook, you’re going to need to very cautiously snipe at them (did I mention your gun’s range sucks?) and then dash away, jumping-over their return fire. (I’m pretty sure the mooks’ guns are better than yours. I’m not joking. Pretty sure I’ve never seen that in a Contra wannabe before.) You’ll need to land four or five hits before you drop them, so taking down a single foe is a huge chore. Often, your best bet is to simply run past them.

Of course, if you’re forced to confront them and another soldier follows you into the fray, you’re fucked. Taking them on two at a time is suicidal.

So, yeah, this is not the dash-and-blaster it seems to be presenting itself as. It’s more in the “precision platformer” vein. Which is fine, I suppose. Not really my jam, but that’s fine. If you’re all about that cautious, one-step-at-a-time gameplay, this one might appeal to you.

Assuming you can play it. You might not. I started it up like five times, and got to play a decent ways into it once before it crashed halfway through the third stage of the first level. By that point, I felt like I had a pretty good feel for the game, so I fired it back up to harvest some screenshots. On the third try, I made it past the intro screen, and then the game promptly crashed when I tried to screenshot it.

But not before I noticed that it had done nothing to save my progress from the earlier run.

So in my experience, the game was too unstable to play and not fun enough for me to actually want to play it. It looks and sounds like a classic NES game, so props for presentation, but the actual game is just too fiddly for me to enjoy. If it sounds like your jam, by all means roll the dice; maybe your computer won’t hate it as much as mine did.

How much punishment will the mooks in this next game take before collapsing?

Page 47, Game 16: Rulent Tower VR by Setsune

“Witness Beautiful Game Boy Graphics in VIRTUALEST of REALITIES!”

Eh, fuck. VR. I do not have a VR rig. Looks like whatever mooks are in Rulent Tower have nothing to fear from me.