Justice Playthrough #139: Book Reprocessing Machine #5

There’s not a lot of game in this game.

Page 41, Game 27: Book Reprocessing Machine #5 by Tenbear

Take a book, choose 50 words from it at random, turn those words into a poem.

It’s like refrigerator magnets!

Obviously, this game isn’t doing a lot to impress me. But it IS so simple that NOT playing it and just snarking feels petulant. And lazy.

All right, game. I’m playing you.

Let’s crack open some BrandoSando. The Way of Kings, on my Kindle! Let’s drop 5d6 a whole bunch of times in accordance with the rules.

My words are:

headway, Almighty, they, Dalinar, alone,
the, had, would, achieve, Vamah,
doing, look, gave, Almighty, Dalinar,
would, the, had, spoken, had,
the, the, have, or, many,
(halfway there!)
had, were, taken, won, by,
renowned, have, so, they, so,
Dalinar, the, a, spoken, did,
one, said, friend, the, is,
I, at, you, that, had

Whuf. All right, I have harvested my fifty words, and that was some tedious shit. I was going by the Rules As Written, which involve using a 5d6 roll to determine a chapter, then using two more rolls to determine a page and a word within that chapter, repeat the last two steps until you have 50 words. This is at odds with the SAMPLE game, which wants you to mix up the chapter every ten words. So, we’ve got a big ‘ol editing fail right there.

This game may be a trifle, but these rules very obviously do not represent the best version of that trifle. Why did they want me to keep track of which page I was on? Why not make that page roll once and then, say, keep rolling 2d6 and advancing that many words in the text?

Why are there no rules to deal with hitting a fuckton of uninteresting filler words, like I did in my playthrough? Why not specify that if you’ve already used a word, keep going until you hit a word you haven’t used?

Bah. Whatever. I have my building blocks. Let’s make a poem out of them.

The Almighty Dalinar! The Almighty Vamah!
They alone gave the headway
Taken by so many!

Dalinar, renowned, spoken they would achieve
So that you had won, friend.

Look! Doing the did, one said!
I would have had the had, or the Dalinar!
A have is had
Spoken at, were had.

I’ll let you decide the merits of that poem for yourself. But that was significantly more amusing than I thought it would be. Stick THAT shit in a chapter heading, Brandon.

So, the gameplay is substantially more tedious than it needs to be and does a poor job of making sure you get an interesting set of words to work with. But once those words are in hand, it actually is kinda fun.

I cannot recommend this game, because the ruleset is simultaneously too simple and does not represent the best version of itself. But as a thing to do on your own time, why not. Can YOU figure out a better way to yoink 50 random words out of a book? I bet you can. There are worse ways to kill half an hour.

Does this next game lend itself to on-the-fly redesign by its players?

Page 26, Game 12: The Valley of Super Flowers by AMAXANG GAMES

“The Valley of Super Flowers is a 2D Platform Action game in which the valley is captured by an Evil Satanis ruler.”

So, flowers and SATAN? That sounds like an amazing tonal clusterfuck. I’m very curious to give it a look now.