Justice Playthrough #142: Pet the Pup at the Party

It’s a trifle, but an adorable trifle I’m relating to super hard.

Page 23, Game 27: Pet the Pup at the Party by Will Herring

You are at a party. It is bullshit.

Do wanna know where bro got that pizza, though

You could try talking to people … but why? It’s just gonna be boring.

Such accuracy, very simulate

But! Somewhere at this party, there is a doggo! Go find that doggo before the time/your patience runs out and you say fuck this party and bail!

Puppersign … there’s a goodboi here somewhere….

Obviously, the game is very silly. The house you’re exploring is a procedurally generated nightmare. Why does this house have so many bathrooms? Why are there so many kitchens? Do any of the doors lead to the outside? I don’t think they do. There’s nothing but rooms you’ve already seen and people you don’t care about.

But somewhere is the pupper. He needs skritchies, and your skritchin hand is already deployed.

Gameplay basically just hide and seek. It is adorable, but it’s not particularly satisfying, unfortunately. There’s not much here beyond cuteness and novelty, and once I was acclimated to those, there wasn’t anything left.

But. If you look diligently and follow the borks, THERE IS A PUPPER!


If only all socially awkward moments provided such a satisfying alternative.

As of this writing, the game is priced as pay-what-you-want. So go on. Pet the pup. You know you wanna.

Will this next game make me wish I could have what it was offering?

Page 1, Game 29: ISLANDS: Non-Places by Carlburton LLC

“A surreal trip through the mundane”

Figuring out a safe way to experiment with hallucinogens is on my bucket list. So I’mma call this a “yes.”