Justice Playthrough #144: Social Justice Warriors

The good news: it is neither as snide nor as cynical as I initially thought it might be. It is earnestly about gamifying the experience of arguing via forum post, and does seem to be sincerely on the side of the angels.

The bad news: there’s really not much … there.

Page 2, Game 17: Social Justice Warriors by Nonadecimal

Someone on the internet is WRONG! Are you gonna stand for that? FUCK NO! TO YOUR KEYBOARD!

First thing to do: choose your adventurer!

I played a cleric of r/sex

Paladin! Cleric! Mage! Rogue!

Then, to the internets! FIGHT!

Prepare to be virtually destroyed, jerkass racist!

You have a finite amount of patience and reputation, and so do they. Choose the style of attack that will best strike their weakness while protecting your own!

My patience is exhausted, time to get dirty and shred a motherfucker’s rep

And … that’s it. That’s the game.

Do the most efficient job of making their color bars go down while trying to prevent your own color bars from going down.

There is no ongoing story, no larger quest. There’s a lot of flair, a lot of fun touches, social justice rangers and druids will pop by to give you support, the various arguments and counter-arguments are varied enough that they don’t repeat the same text….

And yet, they’re extremely repetitive. It’s all the shit you’ve dealt with if you’ve ever tried to engage malicious and/or stubborn dipshits online. Ultimately, it’s all in service of … nothing. Win the fight, move on to the next fight.

What do you accomplish? What cause do you advance? As far as I can tell, none — save for the glory of defeating your foes. Save for elevating your own pride.

Perhaps, when your patience is finally exhausted, you storm off and go toss $20 at Planned Parenthood or the ACLU. If so, you likely accomplish more in defeat than you ever do in victory.

Or you can return to the grind of the fight, where no matter how many idiots you vanquish in intellectual combat, there’s always another one behind them. Perhaps as individuals, their patience is finite … but as a group, it is infinite. Yours is not. Regardless of how many fights you win, your ultimate defeat is but a matter of time.

But why worry about it? Chase that fleeting glory. Chase that momentary dopamine rush of a cunning counterargument, a devastating retort, of an unexpected ally leaping to your aid.

None of it matters. You’re not making the world better, you’re just shouting. Don’t let that stop you. Keep shouting. Keep howling into the void. Try to ignore the void as it howls back.

Recommended only if you really, really like grinding for the sake of grind, or are jonesing for a meditation on futility.

Will the next game fill me with less existential despair?

Page 41, Game 25: catharsis and shit (or, from which lilacs bloom) by quinnntastic

“a collective feverdream”

Could honestly go either way.