Justice Playthrough #148: A Light Long Gone

That was … very … earnest.

Page 58, Game 1: A Light Long Gone by muddasheep

This is an emo/electronica album by Muddasheep, who’s apparently doing this for quite some time. The conceit here is that it’s an “interactive” album. What’s that mean?

The music is less encouraging that the title implies

For starters, it means you get this very snazzy player. It’s pretty, but it lacks some pretty basic functionality. While I was listening to this, my wife asked me to pause it so she could get an audio recording of the annoying idiot in our neighborhood who keeps revving his motorcycle. I couldn’t. There’s are no play-control buttons here.

The big selling point is that you can mute individual instrument tracks. I’m not sure why I want to, though. I mean, this guy’s a musician, I’m just some shmuck killing time with a blog. Is he not confident this is the best version of any given song? If the song sounds better without, say, the piano, isn’t that kind of an argument for not including the piano in the first place?

It’d be more interesting if he deliberately over-orchestrated the shit out of everything. I’d love to play with a version that was intentionally overdone to hell with full instrument participation on each and every track, and then it becomes my responsibility to trim the song down to the elements that I think serve it best. This sumbitch was clearly written for piano and drums, but let’s see how it sounds when it’s just xylophone, trumpet, and harmonica. Fuck it, let’s get wacky, let’s get some thrash-metal guitar, melodica, and Otamatone tracks in there while we’re at it. Bring the fuckin’ house, bro.

Tellingly, the one track that you’re NOT able to mute is the lead vocals. The lyrics feel so achingly earnest that my wife and I half convinced ourselves this was the work of a teenager, and were surprised to learn that the artist is older than she is. We did peg that he’s not a native English speaker, though; the lyrics tend to feel very simple. But what the hell, his English is better than our German.

The music, while often quite pretty, has a tendency to be monotonous. There’s not much energy here, not much to distinguish one song from the next.

It’s not horrible, and last I checked he’s only asking a dollar for it, so if you’re curious you can definitely check it out for yourself. Unfortunately, the concept is much more interesting than the actual music, and that’s a shame.

Will this next one feel less depressed teenager-ish?

Page 9, Game 26: Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! by chubigans

“The highest selling and most intense restaurant sim ever made is back!”

I’m guessing that my business is going to be founded on the labor of depressed teenagers, so yeah. Bring it on.