Justice Playthrough #15: Mossy Mechanics!

Back to the land of micro-RPGs we go.

Page 37, Game 14: Mossy Mechanics!, by Diwata ng Manila

You and your buddies are all sentient piles of moss, awakened by the Other Mother. Now go do stuff. Or don’t. Your game, bro.

My exposure to the mini-games in this collection is making me and Jasmine both realize that we need to venture out in to the space ourselves, which I mean in both the non-bitchy AND the ultra-bitchy ways.

The ultra-bitchy way is, of course, that the barrier to entry is just INCREDIBLY low here, just SO much lower than I would have anticipated. Some of these games clearly have a tremendous amount of thought and effort behind them, but others, emphatically, do not. Mossy Mechanics, despite being in its “4th Edition,” is clearly one of the latter. Three pages of rules, clumsy and uninspired mechanics, and a dashed-off “Eh, just figure it out for yourself” vibe to the vast majority of actual gameplay. COULD this be fun? Look, with the right people, ANYTHING can be fun. Sitting around a table with some scraps of paper and one pen to share between you can be fun if you guys are good at making it fun. In my mind, what makes a game “good” is not whether or not it’s “fun” with the right people, but how much work the game is willing to do to make “fun” the most likely outcome. Mossy Mechanics leaves the responsibility for “fun” very firmly on your shoulders.

But the non-bitchy way this makes me kinda want to start getting stuff of my own out there is how, despite the weird half-assedness of this actual ruleset, it’s very clear to me that SOMEBODY has had a blast playing this. Some goofball created a game for their buddies where they sat around pretending to be sentient moss, loved the hell out of it, and then had a grand time trying to translate that experience into some simple rules. Did they do a GREAT job of turning that experience into rules anybody could just pick up and play themselves? No. No, they did not. But they clearly had a lovely time doing it. And I suspect that for every nine people like me who pick up this ruleset and are all “Meh, this is nothing,” there’s gonna be a tenth who’s going to be all “Roll-play as MOSS? Oh, that’s fuckin’ HILARIOUS!” and puts forth the mental energy necessary to make this game come to life.

For real, sincerely, that’s pretty cool.

On we go, to Page 23, Game 9: Dawndusk Dream Sewer, by rbatistadelima

“Come forth mortal, the sewers beckon!!”

Will there be ninja turtles?

There might be ninja turtles.