Justice Playthrough #16: Dawndusk Dream Sewer

Oh good, a video game entry! I like the ones I can directly engage instead of just reading through the rules and giving my impressions; seems more fair to the work involved and more fun for me. Gives me a much better experience.

Page 23, Game 9: Dawndusk Dream Sewer, by rbatistadelima

Welp. I have no idea what the fuck just happened.

I do not know what this is. Is this someone’s profound artistic statement? A desperate cry for help? A joke?

It’s a video game with old-school isometric 3-D graphics, like Crystal Castles, only pinker. In it, you play a “meat husk” who must explore and listen to the bleak pontifications of this cutesy sewer’s inhabitants. Eventually, you will be given two choices. One is meaningless. The other is whether or not to die.

You will ultimately choose death, if only to see what happens.

There are no ninja turtles.

This game makes me think of Strindberg and Helium, save that I’m not remotely confident it’s actually tongue-in-cheek. It could be deadly serious. It could also be saying something about the juxtaposition of the grim pointlessness of the world and the inherent silliness of the medium. It could also be that the creator has found this review of their game, and is already laughing so hard at my confusion they can barely breathe.

Existence means nothing.

There is only the sewer.

Up next: Page 7, Game 9: NOISE1, by ChevyRay

“A posthuman stealth/horror terminal-operated unicode space opera.”

Ah, we’re in for a nice wallow in the bleakness of existence, I see.

So be it.