Justice Playthrough #162: falling is not the same thing as dying

Maaaan, capitalism really does ruin everything, doesn’t it.

Page 40, Game 10: falling is not the same thing as dying by Sisi

This is less of a game, more of a bit of minimally interactive fiction. There’s not much to it, but what’s here feels heartfelt. It’s an autobiographical piece about a Chinese-American lesbian girl ruminating on her identity and high school and how much high school sucks, all while not playing tennis.

As that, it’s quite good. It’s wildly unsuited for the anime soundtrack I have playing in the background — looks like the answer to THAT question was actually a big ol’ “NOPE!” — but it’s nevertheless a moving little look into someone else’s reality.

Given how slight yet deeply personal it is, I initially assumed this would be one of those games you can play right from the page I linked to.

The author is currently asking $5.00 for it.

Which is just so … weird, and actually mildly off-putting to me. Part of me thinks that’s pretty shitty of me; can you really put a price on personal expression? But the thing is, you absolutely goddamn well can put a price on personal expression. We do it all the time. And I know $5 doesn’t buy as much fiction as it used to, but it can definitely get me more than a few hundred words.

If the author were making this freely available, I’d absolutely recommend it as being worth a few minutes of your time.

But if I’d actually paid $5, I’d be feeling pretty punked.

Make of that what you will.

Will this next game make me indulge in the offensive practice of putting a price tag on art?

Page 20, Game 30: Space Mayhem by Chronic Vagrant

Yeah, now THAT sounds like the kinda of thing a basic bitch like me can really get behind.