Justice Playthrough #168: INDECT


Page 54, Game 9: INDECT by WorstConcept Games

Ostensibly cyberpunk-themed platformer that is way, way too early in its development cycle to be played by anybody who isn’t either related to or friends with the dev.

The rare level selection screen where you can die

Gameplay is sloppy, controls are janky, the game punishes you for exploring and the content is virtually non-existent. It’s much too raw to be released into the wild just yet. Playable in-browser if you’re curious, but there’s really no reason to be. Not yet.


Page 57, Game 12: who will you save? who will you serve? by linda c

“Recreating the myth of Shamhat and Enkidu, players must reconcile politics, consent, and intimacy.”

Hmm. Not sold on wanting my intimacy to include politics. But do tell me more.