Justice Playthrough #178: Cassette

It’s exactly what it said on the tin.

Page 57, Game 11: Cassette by Shapeforms

Looks like one of those things that’s a really solid solution for an extremely specific problem. Are you working on a project with an audio component that would benefit from having some high-quality sound effects that are somehow related to tape playback or players? The clicking of buttons? The squonking of speeding up or slowing down? Wanna go for an old-timey 80’s feel and dirty-up your soundtrack the white noise of shitty recordings? Need something to use as a background noise, perhaps, or as part of a transition from one part of your YouTube video to the next?

You probably answered “No.” In fact, given how few people I expect to actually read this, I would honestly be surprised if there is a single human being who answered “Yes.”

But if you DO need those incidental sound effects, then holy shit, do I have good news for you.

There are 200+ high-quality .WAV recordings of tape-related noises here, helpfully arranged by topic into folders. Want to find THE PERFECT sound of a button clicking? That sumbitch is in here somewhere, waiting for you to find it.

Is this next game gonna remind that for all my pretentions to create games I really haven’t done very much of that at all?

Page 28, Game 16: Animal Lover by Trainwreck Studios

“Five boys, five animals, more trouble than they’re worth.”


Well, it’ll remind me that I’ve never made a game with a title and tagline that pretty much dare the reader to make bestiality jokes. So that’s reassuring, actually.