Justice Playthrough #21: 6E

Ooooooh it’s a copyright infringement. I get it.

Page 11, Game 24: 6E by Jared Sinclair

So, do you love Powered By The Apocalypse games? And would love to see an Apocalypse-World-style version of Dungeons and Dragons?

Then you already own Dungeon World and are probably very happy.

But! Are you also unable to afford Dungeon World, or would like a version of that ruleset that’s even MORE stripped-down?

Then here ya go.

That’s the niche this game fills: Dungeon World, but smaller and more affordable. Seems serviceable enough if you’re into that sort of thing and are all such veteran RPGers that you don’t need any handholding whatsoever for that whole “gameplay” business.

Not something I particularly need myself. But, perfectly fine for what it is.

What’s next?

Page 53, Game 17: Anaseidos – An anthropomorphic duck race for 5e by C. A. Berlitz

Okay, that sounds like some really wacky D&D shit. I’m in.