Justice Playthrough #24: MIDNIGHT ULTRA

I’m mildly nauseous, and I sincerely don’t know whether to blame this game or not.

Page 8, Game 17: MIDNIGHT ULTRA by Forward Instinct

And yet, I’m not pissed-off at this game.

I can’t say that I LIKED it, mind. This is a super-old-school FPS, with a kind of tripped-out acid Western feel. You’re on the road doing … something. Whatever it is, you’re gonna be murdering dudes. I accidentally skipped the part where the game let me know what was going on; I was trying to tell it to just go ahead to the next page of exposition, which it interpreted as “OKAY FINE WE’LL JUST SKIP THE WHOLE THING I GUESS GEEZ.” I respect that it’s going for a retro-cool vibe here. The problem is that it’s stylized to the point of incoherence. The default color palate is pink, black, and white, and basically NOTHING else. I had a hell of a time visually parsing what was on my screen at any given moment; I sincerely think I may have gotten a bit of motion sickness from the effort. (Or maybe dinner isn’t agreeing with me, who knows.)

Regardless. It’s hard to enjoy platformer puzzles when you can only kinda tell what is and is not the floor. Moving helps, a bit, but I was just as likely to find any given ledge by falling off of it.

There’s a palate-swap screen accessible from the main menu — but NOT the in-game menu. If you’d like to experiment and try to find something more visually intelligible, you’ll need to keep restarting the level to do it.

Actual gameplay is nothing special. It’s going for a bad-ass Doom feel, but Doom was WAY more exciting than this. The game is stingy with ammo, and it’s hard to tell on any given shot whether you missed or just didn’t do enough damage to drop the target. Melee is just weak, and equally hard to tell whether you’re doing anything or flailing wildly.

You have your choice of guns — at the beginning of the level. Once the level begins, you have one gun and one melee weapon, and that’s it.

I appreciate that the dev was attempting something stylistically interesting, but the end result just isn’t fun.

Let’s try something else:

Page 53, Game 3: Tales from the Road by iforgotmybrain

“A SFW furry interactive fiction game”

Hey, furries! And safe-for-work, so I assume no fuckin’. Not that I’m judging, but hey, sexytimes games are a tough sell if you don’t share the author’s tastes. Why not. I’ll give it a try.

… tomorrow, I think. For right now, I need to go lie down for a bit.