Justice Playthrough #25: Tales From the Road

Furry time!

Page 53, Game 3: Tales from the Road by iforgotmybrain

This is a browser-based game, where you just read and click. It’s not so much a “game” as “interactive fiction.” Except it isn’t particularly “interactive,” and the “fiction” isn’t terribly compelling.

This is a furry story, so you’re a critter-person (I chose “fox”) rooming with a deer and a German shepherd. You graduated college not long ago, but you’re not sure what the hell you want to do with you life. So, road trip!

Eventually. Theoretically. This game is still apparently in progress, and the author hasn’t gotten as far as the road trip yet.

I’ll refrain from being mean; the author clearly means well, and there’s nothing really upsettingly bad about this project. It’s just that meaningful decision points are few and far between; you can wander around your house, but mostly that’s just clicking until you eventually make the choice that will allow the story to continue. And the story itself….

The author is making the very common newbie mistake of assuming that because THEY find these characters fascinating, you will, too. So the entirety of the game was just establishing the supporting cast. But nothing is actually happening, dammit. There’s just no narrative to invest in. It just feels like a lot of directionless faffing about.

There’s also a soundtrack you can turn on. You don’t have to, but it’s there.

I’m veering towards being mean, aren’t I.

It’s far, far from the worst thing I’ve ever read, but I can’t say as I’d really recommend it, either. Still, I do hope the author can make it into the finished product they have in their head.

What’s next?

Page 45, Game 10: find(Humanity) by Arty

“Explore the notion of free will as an automaton without it.”

No idea what to expect from this one, or even what the medium might be. Let’s find out.