Justice Playthrough #30: as long as we’re together: magical girls sweet & pure

Okay, let’s keep my expectations reasonable. It’s a visual novel, not a game-game. Let’s not get grumpy if there aren’t a lot of decisions to be made.

Page 53, Game 4: as long as we’re together: magical girls sweet & pure by cloverfirefly

Right, mostly just clicking to advance the dialog. No problem.

Illustrations are cute, getting the job done here. Hey, looks like we’re in-media-res here! The one magical girl is getting attacked by her best friend magical girl; must be some sorta evil mind-control thing. Good choice, author, start with some interesting shit.

Okay, we’ve got some dialog, some sorta floating magic pet guy, oh, hey, a choice! How did we meet? I have to choose a card without knowing what they mean. Cool, I’m feeling it.

Right, so that’s how we met, that’s what happened when we hung out at the amusement park, that’s the time you helped me find my cat….

Dope, the main characters are all introduced. This is a solid start to the story, I’m into it. Let’s see what kind of cool magical girl adventures we’re about to go–

Game over.


On deck: Page 9, Game 11: Agents of the O.D.D. by Jason Tocci

“Paranormal investigators of the paranormal”

Really hoping that phrasing is a deliberate choice, and that the next game is not by Perd Hapley.