Justice Playthrough #33: Clouds of Fire: Blazing Skies


Page 41, Game 2: Clouds of Fire: Blazing Skies by AaronMakesGames

Aw, man. I was super primed to love this.

It’s a 1942-style vertical scroller where you fly your plane around and SHOOT THE FUCK OUTTA EVERYTHING YEAAAAAAAAH, but with roguelike elements mixed in. Every component of this game excites me and makes me want to like it.

Unfortunately, I really don’t. One of the core elements of a game like 1942 is the way you buzz around the screen laying down UNENDING TORRENTS OF BLAZING DEATH GUNFIRE COME GET SOME!!!!!!, but Clouds of Fire makes the crucial mistake of giving all its mooks hit points. I took me a little while before I was even certain that I WAS actually hitting anything; I was, but I wasn’t hitting it hard enough to kill it. I had to hit even ordinary foes multiple times to bring them down. Apparently, the ability to one-shot mooks is a power one must earn the right to unlock in Clouds of Fire.

No. No, no, no. Hit points are for sub-bosses and big bads. The hordes of foes I encounter along the way should do me the courtesy of exploding when I dart in and shoot them, not no-selling the hit and forcing me to shoot again. And again. And, dammit, maybe this one will– THERE he goes, brought him down. Finally.

The presentation is a bit crude and raw, and I’m not at all certain I understood the overall flow of the game or the choices being presented to me. None of that would matter if the core gameplay was satisfying, and this just isn’t.

This is one where if, a few years from now, a friend was all “Dude, have you tried Clouds of Fire? It’s great!”, I’d be like “Cool, the dev must have sorted out the issues” and give it another try. Gladly. It’s easy to imagine a version of this game that’s an adrenaline-packed blast. Sadly, this version is not that game.

Perhaps the next one will be better?

Page 55, Game 10: David by Fermenter

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Okay, cool. I’ll embrace the mystery. Dave Guy!