Justice Playthrough #35: Gun Rounds

A damn fine minigame in search of a larger context.

Page 5, Game 30: Gun Rounds by Blabberf

Monsters would like to kill you. Luckily, you have something to say about that, because gun. A gun that fires bullets or swords or guillotine blades or beehives or whatever other wacky shit you can get your hands on; it’s a damn fine gun. Eventually, though, the monsters are gonna get the best of you, so drag as many of the bastards to hell with you as you can.

The graphics are decidedly Pokemon-esque. Gameplay is a nifty mixture of timing and turn-based. You have all the time you want to set up your shot, but make sure you lead those targets and aim for where they’re going to be, not where they are. And when they shoot back at you, block ’em — if you can nail the timing.

If this were the combat system as part of a larger game … for all I know, that game might be complete ass. But even if it was, I’d be like “Welp, that sucked, but the combat was pretty sweet.”

On its own, though, it’s not quite enough to get it done for me. It was fun, and there’s enough depth here to get good and explore what the game has to offer, but ultimately, it needs more to bring me back. Some sort of larger story, some set of goals that the combat is helping me accomplish.

No idea if the dev wants that to happen. Maybe the dev could partner-up with a designer who’s made a game with a good story but a tedious and annoying combat mechanism?

Regardless, as it is, not bad. Not bad at all.

So, what does the future have in store for me?

Page 24, Game 24: Color Cannons+ by Symptomatic Productions

Another one with no short description. But I’mma guess this one involves shooting things.