Justice Playthrough #39: Dead 4 Dress

Do you wanna build a zombie?

Page 49, Game 19: Dead 4 Dress by Yifat Shaik

Create your own zombies through the dark necromantic magic of drag-n-drop!

Honestly, this one’s about as basic as it gets. There’s no effort to have the various components snap into place (which would be handy for clothing), the assets are just scattered around in piles, there’s only one zombie pose (though you can fiddle with his skin color). There’s a save button, but I see no indication it actually works. Honestly, this doesn’t really offer you anything you couldn’t get from fiddling around with assets in, say Adobe Illustrator.

… assuming you have zombie assets to fiddle around with. And you actually have Adobe Illustrator. And know how to use it.

I’m 0-3 on that shit. So check out this decomposing pimp motherfucker.


Does one thing and does it competently. It’s not exactly fancy or versatile, but if you wanna create some very specific and moderately personalized zekes, here ya go.

What’s next?

Page 44, Game 15: Monster Jaunt by Sketch House Games

“A minigame party that won’t ruin your friendships”

Looks like it’s Halloween in the Justice Playthrough.