Justice Playthrough #40: Monster Jaunt


Page 44, Game 15: Monster Jaunt by Sketch House Games

A collection of party games. I played a few of ’em, but not all; I mean, come on, let’s be reasonable here. I played enough to get the general feel. These are all very slick, very professional. Might take a playthrough or two to get the rules down, but they seem straightforward enough. One was about twiddling conveyor belts to get my crates to my skips — and once I’d figured out what constituted “mine,” it was fine. Another was about cramming loot into a bag — and once I figured out that there are varying qualities of loot, again, did all right.

No, the REAL weirdness here is the inputs. You can play up to four people with these games … in theory. The trouble is that all four of them need to be crammed around the same keyboard.

Why do they all need to be on the keyboard? Why not let somebody use a mouse, and someone else use a gamepad? The “Change controls” interface hinted that such tweaks ought to be possible, but I wasn’t able to actually do anything like that. In fact, once I got into the controls interface, I was completely unable to leave it. I seriously had to close out the game.

This game gives no indication it supports a mouse as an input for any part of it. Which is a truly bizarre limitation for a modern game, particularly one that otherwise looks and feels completely professional.

If you’d like a collection of party games for your PC, this one’s worth a look. But just be warned that the controller configuration may fight you more than you’d expect.

Will the next game let me mouse around?

Page 26, Game 22: Hermit the sluggish caterpillar of the sea by Sharped Stone Studios

“Hermit the lone sluggish caterpillar of the Sea is fighting for his new home.”

Hermit caterpillar, eh? That sounds surreal. Why not.