Justice Playthrough #44: Desktop Goose

The first word in waterfowl-based anti-productivity software.

Page 24, Game 5: Desktop Goose by samperson

44 games in, and I finally hit something I already knew about! Had no idea this was in the bundle. I don’t think I would have installed it if it weren’t for this trawl.

Remember Untitled Goose Game? Those were innocent times, weren’t they. Tormenting villagers with a goose. Not with the entire continent of Australia being on fire, not with global pandemic, not with widespread racial unrest due to centuries of socially-approved brutality, just a simple goose. Who happened to be a massive bag of dicks.

And now, you can have that experience just hanging out on your desktop, doing … whatever!

I fired-up the goose and started up Slay the Spire, a game I’ve sunk way too many hours into. I figured it’d be a dick move if I evaluated another Bundle game while a rogue goose was fucking with my shit.

Your little desktop anti-helper

The goose wanders around and honks. The goose periodically drags some memes onto the screen. The goose will occasionally get agitated and steal your mouse pointer — particularly if you closed one of his memes. The goose doesn’t appreciate that at all. The goose will track mud onto your screen.

The goose just acts like a dick.

The goose is strangely endearing.

Long live the goose.

This next adventure will likely involve no geese:

Page 14, Game 4: Hero Too by ThatAceGal

“A one-player journaling RPG about messy trans narratives and superheroes”

… because if there’s one person you want giving their opinions on trans-focused games, it’s a fifty-year-old cis dude.

Yeah, I’mma be real careful with this one.