Justice Playthrough #45: Hero Too

I am obviously the wrong person to be evaluating this game.

Page 14, Game 4: Hero Too by ThatAceGal

This is a solo role-playing game that basically boils down to “Design a series of superhero comic books as a metaphor for your coming out as trans.” The game guides you through the broad outlines of creating your comic book series, starting with a big ol’ splash page and then narrating the outline of what happens next.

This makes some very obvious assumptions:

  • You are a big damn superhero comic book nerd
  • … with enough artistic and storytelling ability that expressing yourself through this medium will be insightful and not frustrating
  • … who is still processing some shit related to your gender identity, such that either you’re probably coming out as trans or you’ve already come out and are still figuring out what that means.

I am zero for three. I am the wrong person to evaluate this game.

However, I consider myself a perfectly fine candidate to inform you of this game’s existence.

Because maybe you, or someone you love, is three-for-three. Maybe you are or know somebody who LOOOOOOVES superhero comics and has even been dabbling in that medium themselves, but seems to be really struggling to figure out where the fuck they “fit” in the world and with how they want to present themselves within it. Maybe “Hero Too” could help them parse their identity, contextualize it, understand it better. Maybe playing this game could be an incredibly important experience for them.

… or maybe the’d play it and be all “Nah, bro, this game is actually a towering piece of shit. But if it had done THIS and THAT instead for THOSE OTHER THINGS…” and in so doing help create a game that better achieve’s this one’s goals.

This game is super niche — and that’s fine. It’s a huge world out there, with plenty of room for all sorts of niches. I honestly wish I could say that about more of what I’ve encountered in this playthough; I wish I’d found more games that made me say “Eh, this one simply wasn’t written for me” instead of some version of “This just sucks.”

Anyway. If you are or love an artistically inclined superhero comic megafan dealing with gender identity issues, here’s ya go. This game is literally for them, and I’d be damn curious to know what they think about it.

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Page 51, Game 19: Voles of the Dusk by GearHead

“The human race is extinct and cute fuzzy rodents have inherited the Earth.”

Ah, fluffy post-apocalypse gaming. It could work.