Justice Playthrough #46: Voles of the Dusk

Hey, this isn’t a game at all! This is one of those … story things … with the pictures … but not the ones you click….

COMIC BOOK! Yeah. It’s a comic book.

Page 51, Game 19: Voles of the Dusk by GearHead

Humanity’s time has come and gone. It is a broken world, a ruined world. A world … of voles.

Such brood. Very dark.

And, you know, other small cute adorable rodent creatures.

“Voles of the Dusk” is a collection of three black-and-white comics following the adventures of The Nameless Vole, a dark and brooding hero who survives the wasteland by being a violent moron. Watch him battle for Doritos! Encounter a village of survivors making their lair in “a maximum security facility for the largest and most dangerous animals in the world!” (A zoo.) Battle monsters! Interrupt dodge-ball! Engage in political shenanigans!

And use artifacts of the old world!

Magic of the Ancients

This is a lovely little parody of grim self-serious post-apocalypse fiction. Most of the world seems to be managing pretty well, truth be told, the occasional brain-stealing scam notwithstanding.

Of course, there ARE still threats out there, and the villagers would like The Nameless Vole’s help dealing with a marauding cat that’s laired nearby.

Fun fact: after the apocalypse, voles are hazy on the difference between “cat” and “hyena.”

Luckily, they DO realize the hyena’s one weakness: riding lanwmowers.

Just like Kryptonite

This is some really silly shit, and I’m glad I read it. If you’d like to see some rodents taking the piss out of Mad Max, I can definitely recommend it.

(Though you may need to do a little work to read the downloadable; the file is “.cbz”, and I didn’t have anything that could read it. Luckily, “CDisplay Ex” is free for Windows and seemed to do the job just fine.)

All righty, where in this wasteland do we journey to next?

Page 14, Game 24: adjacency by sleepy macaw

“an abstract puzzle game”

I like abstract puzzle games. And macaws. Let’s see what this has to offer.