Justice Playthrough #50: Where Is Cat?

Gosh, this game almost makes me wish I had children of my– HA HAAAAAA, no being child-free is awesome and I love it.

But this is still freaking adorable and I’m glad I played it.

Page 19, Game 21: Where is cat? by bartbonte

Where is cat?

This is room. Room has cat.

Perhaps in the bathtub? LOL don’t be stupid.

Click the cat.

Move on to next room.

Find cat again!

After seven rooms, hooray! You have found all the cat!

But the cat now has demands.

Fine, I’ll get your cupcakes you little bastard.

Go back to the rooms. Find what the cat wants!

This is a simple Flash game of pixel hunting that had me laughing my head off. Yup, kids designed this, all right. And also did the art, I’m quite confident.

If that’s an accurate representation of the stairs, I’m guessing Dad yells a lot.

Soothing classical music plays in the background, with an enthusiastic violin sting when you complete the level.

And WHY does the cat want all this crap? No spoilers!

It’s silly, it’s adorable. I’m never going to play it again, but I’m grateful to have spent ten minutes playing it. It’s a lovely little trifle.

What’s the next game going to be like?

Page 2, Game 21: KIDS by Playables

“A game of crowds.”

Is this about kids? Or about crowds? Or about kids in crowds?

I suppose I’ll find out.