Justice Playthrough #51: KIDS

KIDS! What’s the matter with KIDS these days?

Well, they seem to fall into a lot of holes, so that’s an issue. Also, swimming, and clapping, and being reborn a lot.

KIDS are kinda fuckin’ weird.

Page 2, Game 21: KIDS by Playables

KIDS straddles the line between “game” and “interactive animation.” In it, very smoothly animated featureless black and white people will … do things. Likely in response to you clicking on them. Or near them. If there’s a “game” here, it’s “figure out what the hell I’m supposed to be doing at this particular moment.”

Stage 1: Get all the people to limply collapse into the hole. Don’t worry, they’ll be fine. Unless they aren’t.

Once you’ve figured out just what it is the game wants you to be doing, you’ll move on to the next stage. Spoiler: this stage will likely be surreal and vaguely disquieting. It may involve guiding your featureless people through a … birth canal? Or possibly a digestive tract. Or maybe even an ovipositor. They’re coming out an orifice of some sort, dammit.

This game feels like it’s trying to Say Something, and I’m not the best audience for that. I’m honestly kind of a basic bitch; artistic statements about the folly of following the crowd or the absurd meaninglessness of existence or what have you really aren’t my jam. However, the game is ALSO providing a smooth and engaging experience; the animation may be simple, but it really is executed to perfection.

I was often confused. I was usually a tad creeped-out. But I was NEVER bored. However much I might not have been this game’s target audience, it never lost me. I gotta respect that.

I don’t know that I’d call this one of the bundle’s hidden gems, but it’s pretty damn good, and I get the impression it is very successful at being the game it wants to be. I’m just not confident I know what the hell that is.

If it sounds intriguing, I can definitely recommend giving it a look.

All righty, RNG. We staying on an artistic trip here?

Page 22, Game 29: KeyCars by Kenney

“Press any key to join the battle!”

Gonna call that a “no.”

But given that it sounds like I’m about to strap into a car and commit violence on other cars using my car as a weapon, I’ll be giving that a “FUK YEAH!!!”