Justice Playthrough #54: Spectres of the Cold

A promising early draft of a stealth/horror game, but definitely a ways from being finished.

Page 17, Game 24: Spectres of the Cold by Daniel Savage

You’re a small, horned child whose home has just been burned — by your neighbors. Apparently, your mother wasn’t quite human, and the other villagers didn’t appreciate that. You’re alone, in the woods, looking for the ruins where a spectre who can speak to the dead is believed to dwell.

To get there, you’re going to need to do some sneaking around. The ruins are patrolled by what appear to be werewolves, who will kill you on sight.

u mad bro?
Calling that a “yes”

Luckily, you can focus your mind into mind-bombs, which destroy them. Temporarily. They’ll be back in a moment. Step lively.

This games feels like a rookie developer’s early outing, so I don’t want to go too hard on it. There’s nothing about it that actively pissed me off. Unfortunately, the game just doesn’t work all that well. Everything about it feels choppy and clumsy. The game clearly shows the eyelines for the werewolves, so you can gauge when you can try to get by them … roughly. The highlighted “I can see you” zones ignore walls, but the ACTUAL sightlines don’t, meaning you can’t completely trust what the game is telling you. Also, when you crouch down, your head is obviously much taller than the shorter walls — but crouching behind a short wall makes you invisible. It’s hard to really get into the game when I don’t know whether to believe what it’s telling me visually.

Also, the story just wasn’t working for me. It gets off to a hell of a start, no question, but when the game commands me to run away, I don’t appear to be running away from any actual danger; everything that wants to kill me is as of yet in front of me. Why are there werewolves patrolling the ruins? Does my status as half-beast-boy mean nothing to them? Are they just as prejudiced as the villagers who killed my family? Or are they naturally this violent? If so, the mob might have had some legit concerns if these guys are accurate representation of Mom’s side of the family, you know?

Why do I have mind-blast powers? Why does my mind-blast destroy werewolves, but only temporarily?

Where am I going? Why am I so desperate to get there? The werewolves CLEARLY do not want me wandering around their turf.

There’s no save mechanism, so you have to finish the story in one sitting. I didn’t. First time, I had to set the game aside to do something else, and it wouldn’t start back up when I came back. Second time, it simply glitched out.

It isn’t a dreadful game, but it definitely falls well short of being professional-grade. Ah, well. Hopefully the dev has better projects in them.

Perhaps like this one:

Page 22, Game 10: BasketBelle by onemrbean

“Experimental Basketball Adventure”

Sportsball, but wacky?

I’m in.