Justice Playthrough #56: A Mother’s Love

Okay, so I officially have no idea what to expect from any particular tabletop thing I’m gonna find in this thing.

Page 22, Game 18: A Mother’s Love by Jake Bhattacharyya

You have created an AI. Your AI is about to do something apocalyptically stupid, and you would rather it not. So, you’re going to talk it down — possibly while figuring out how to pull the plug on the thing.

What’s it going to do? How are you going to convince it to not do it? And how is all that working out? Figuring out that shit is what the game is all about.

At a glance, this “game” sounds like a glorified writing prompt. However, digging into it a bit reveals that no, for real, this is a game, no scare-quotes needed. There’s a hell of a lot of structure here, even actual mechanics.

To play it, you’re going to need a deck of playing cards and a Jenga tower. I only have the former. If had both, I might seriously consider sitting down and giving this a try. (The rules claim you don’t TECHNICALLY need it, but come on, if I’m gonna do this thing, let’s DO this thing.) This thing is well thought-out and looks damned interesting.

If you have cards, Jenga, and would enjoy a very highly structured sci-fi writing exercise, this is absolutely worth a closer look.

What’s up next?

Page 34, Game 18: DREADFUL by LostDutchman

“3 Campaign Dread Supplemental”

Okay, another tabletop game that uses Jenga as a mechanic. Super unlikely to play, but let’s see if it makes me want to.