Justice Playthrough #63: 1977: Radio Aut

Okay, this is how you do short interactive storytelling.

Page 57, Game 4: 1977: Radio Aut by Alex Camilleri

Peppino Impastato was a Sicilian political activist who opposed the Mafia in the 60’s and 70’s; the game places you in his shoes, making you the protagonist at various key moments in his life.

This is barely a game — but it IS effective. Sometimes you can make some choices. Sometimes your choices don’t matter. Sometimes they’re not really choices at all.

I’ve encountered a decent amount of interactive fiction in this playthrough, and Radio Aut stands out for its discipline and simplicity. It doesn’t fuck around. It doesn’t get lost in the weeds. It is stripped down to its own essentials and tells the story it’s here to tell — nothing more, nothing less.

Honestly, it’s not as much a game or a story as it is a tribute. The author clearly has immense respect for the brave motherfucker at the center of this game, and sought to share that respect with others.

He succeeded.

The game will take about five minutes of your time, and is playable via browser at the link above.

Rest in power, Peppino.

Up next:

Page 45, Game 15: Bear-ly There by Pale Moon Games

“Help Barris bulk up for Winter, we are going to need a lot of food!”

I anticipate a hungry bear and a fuckton of bear puns.

I’m there for it.