Justice Playthrough #66: Monster Pub Chapter 2

Oh, it’s a video game!

Page 14, Game 12: Monster Pub Chapter 2 by alex ilitchev

The stub description was “A casual narrative game about making friends!” Seriously, doesn’t that sound like one of the shortie RPGs I’ve been stumbling across? Define what kind of monster you all are, then roleplay chilling in a bar. Could be simple, could have some structure, will definitely lend itself to some boozin’s. I was kinda looking forward to it, actually.

But this is all right, too.

You’re a monster, you’re at a bar hanging out with other monsters.

That’s the game.

Getcha drink on

Make the rounds, chat. Some people have a little to say, others will have a full-on conversation with you — even the bartender, who will get you a drink. (Just the one. Monster Pub 2 does not encourage binge drinking.) There’s your buddy the fanfic writer, there’s a grumpy cat, there’s a mail carrier who’s a tad less dedicated to their job than Cliff Claven was, lots of folks.

How’s your day, muppet buddy?

Just … be warned. Interacting with the other monsters comes with risks. They may ask you to … play cards.

You cannot say no to cards. When cards are requested, cards must be played. It’s monster law.

Do not screw around with monster law.


This would be a very chill, pleasant game about just hanging out and chatting … if it weren’t for the card games. There’s a two-player game and a solitaire game, and neither of them are particularly good. I’m not sure what exactly the rules in the solitaire game are supposed to be, save that I don’t know if it’s possible to actually lose. The two-player is just a combination of war and slapjack, and I found it wore out its welcome long before it was actually done. One game I actually just threw to get it over with, but the overall game seemed to get grumpy with that, so I tried to crush my “friends” as fast as possible to get it to move along.

I gather this is the second in an ongoing series of games, but it’s clear you don’t need to have played the one that came before.

Still, if you can overlook the card bits, it isn’t terrible. I actually quite like the vibe it was going for. I exported the friendships I made so that I can import them into Part 3 should I come across it, which I won’t be dreading.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get to play better card games by then.

Actually, wouldn’t that be insano-pants if I rolled that as the next game?

Page 30, Game 13: Dungeons of Loot by Luke Parker

“No Fight, Only Loot!”

You know, there was only a 1/1650 or so chance of that actually happening. And you wouldn’t have believed me if I had rolled it. I mean, I wouldn’t have believed me. I still don’t totally believe that I rolled Page 1 Game 1 just a few days ago, and I’m the one who rolled it.

Anyway. Looting IS one of the best parts of a dungeon run. Let’s see what happens when you skip that tedious “Earn it” nonsense.