Justice Playthrough #67: Dungeons of Loot


Page 30, Game 13: Dungeons of Loot by Luke Parker

In the game’s defense, the page does indicate that it’s in an “alpha” state, so my expectations shouldn’t be that high.

I don’t know if I can get my expectations this low, though. This is pre-alpha.

For a game named “Dungeons of Loot,” it’s damned short on loot.

Know what in that picture is loot? NOTHING. Those things that could plausibly be gold coins on the floor? As far as I can tell, they do nothing. Neither do the plant-looking things.

The dungeons DOES seem to be changing state as you wander through it, but I had no idea what it meant or whether it was responding to my actions or was just on a timer.

Speaking of timers, you’ll eventually be informed that you are now too sad to pick up any more loot and the dungeon is now collapsing more quickly. Which raises two lines of questioning:

THE DUNGEON IS COLLAPSING?! How can I tell? How is this impacting me? Has it been collapsing all this time and I’m just too bloody thick to have noticed? Is this a timed thing, or do I have some ability to influence it? Am I supposed to get back to the starting point for safety, or seek shelter deeper in?!


In one play, I DID find a room that had treasure chests in it. They all had pages from a princess’s diary. Not quite the loot I had in mind, but by that point, I was glad for it.

The game ended by informing me I had fallen into the void or something. I have no idea how. Did I step on the wrong thing? Did I run out of time?

There’s no readme in the download that I could see, there are no instructions I could find on the game’s page. I want to give this thing a fair shot, but at this stage, it’s completely impenetrable to anybody who hasn’t been programming it.

There may be a fun game here somewhere, but the dev has a lot of work in front of them to bring it to the surface.

Perhaps this one will be better:

Page 11, Game 11: Guppy by Christiaan Moleman

“2D watercolor fish simulation”

The fish are simulated with watercolors? I’m simulating fish that do water colors in their spare time?

Sounds pretty down-tempo and chill, regardless. Let’s take a look.