Justice Playthrough #75: Super Slime Arena

It is indeed Smash Bros Brawl, but with little blobby guys! Also, with really stripped-down gameplay. And forced multi-player.

Pretty sure this one isn’t for me.

Page 8, Game 4: Super Slime Arena by JellyTeam

I’m not loving games where the developer punts on the AI, decreeing that it’s multiplayer only. Even if you wanna say that the best version of your game is multiplayer, AI still gives players a chance to try it out without needing to force their friends into playing it with them, and a way to acquaint themselves with the basics before giving more experienced friends a chance to whup their asses.

If this one enticed me, I’d at least try it with my wife. But the game failed to convince me that I need to rope her into this.

I got the barest taste of the game by setting up one player on my controller and the other on my keyboard, and flipping back and forth between them. What I saw didn’t do much to convince me I want to see more. Gameplay is super stripped; you can move, you can jump, you can launch your attack. Different characters have different characteristics, as you’d expect, but everybody has those same basics in some form or another.

What’s more, in the one arena I played around in, some characters can’t jump high enough to get to the platforms above the ground, at least not with the basic jump. They either have to do a double-jump (if available), or do some sort of combo move with their attack. That feels like it could be really frustrating.

This looks cute and all, but it’s just so basic. Given that mandatory multiplayers kinda don’t want me as a player in the first place, I think I’ll just move along.

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Page 35, Game 24: Swung by Extra Nice

“Be the SWORD!”

Fuck yeah. Think I’mma go be a SWORD!