Justice Playthrough #82: Destined

Oddly, no mention of “destiny.” But I’m more of a “free will” fanboy myself, so I’m fine with that.

Page 33, Game 14: Destined by Sandy Pug Games

Destined is for veteran role-players looking for something a tad more epic than goblin-punching but less epic than unleashing a horde of dragons upon the world. You’ll be playing heroes within a specific community, with mandatory time jumps (two of ’em) to better explore you your heroic shenanigans have affected that community. It’s rules-lite but definitely not rules-free; the most detailed section is the one detailing how the characters and their home are influenced between sessions.

The game recommends playing three sessions — and after the third, determine which player has fallen and become The Antagonist should you choose to pick the game back up again and start the cycle anew.

This one is damned interesting, operating at a scope that I’ve never done much with as a player. It definitely has a Beowolf feel to me, like you’re setting out to create a story that could legit have come down from Ye Olden Times in a way that no 10-by-10 stone corridor could capture. It’s super light on rules, particularly during character creation, and relies very heavily on players successfully getting into the headspace it’s shooting for. Power-gaming this one is missing the point entirely.

In fact, come to think of it, I think that’s what’s missing from this: the very simple rules state that either you succeed at a task and get a Rise at game’s end, or fail and get a Fall. What if this followed the Apocalypse World model, but reversed the final slots? Bad roll means you get a Fall, good one means you get a Rise, and a great one means you get both? Let the seeds of your own demise be tied to the moments of your mightiest victories. Let pride cometh before the fall.

Gyah. I’m here to review it, not design it. Anyway. Interesting game, well-conceived. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more meat on these particular bones, but with the right players, this looks like it could be the core of a memorable gaming experience. If it sounds interesting, give it a look.

(Oh, and: I tend not to mention the stand-alone price for these games, because I don’t want to keep that shit up to date. But as of this writing, the list price for Destiny is $50 … but the author will provide a 98% off coupon if you provide evidence of a recent purchase of a small indie TRPG. I kinda love that.)

Okay, RNG. We staying in the physical tabletop realm?

Page 44, Game 24: No cortarás a tu hermana con el filo de esta espada by TwineDoctors

“Viaja por la ciudad reclutando bandas para vencer a la invasión.”

I … have absolutely no idea. It has something to do with my sister. And an invasion? Let’s see if my three years of high school Spanish let me play this one at all.