Justice Playthrough #87: Desktop Meadow

Aw. It just wants you to relax while you do computer stuff. Which is unlikely to be relaxing, if we’re being perfectly honest here.

Page 25, Game 21: Desktop Meadow by samperson

This is a piece of software meant to be run in the background. Sort of like Desktop Goose, only instead of annoying you, it wants you to be chill.

It achieves chill by letting flowers grow across the tops of your windows, and summoning the occasional birds and butterflies to land there.

See? Pretty flowers.

It also wants you to send messages, like the one above. Who will receive the message? Oh, you know, somebody or another. What does it matter? Just send some kindness out into the world.

Or, you know whatever

On my personal list of “Things I find chill and relaxing,” “Receiving letters from Internet randos” isn’t terribly high on that list.

Ah, good to know

Luckily, the developer isn’t a complete lunatic, and apparently moderates the system. That’s a smart move. Hope his passive-aggression filters are up to the task.

Also, may you live in interesting times

When letters arrive, they’ll just hang out in the mailbox that now lives on your desktop, nice and unobtrusive.

Hey, there’s a corner of my desktop that ISN’T littered with icons! Who knew?

And I did get a nice letter from somebody.

Aw, thanks, Sakura. BTW, why are your font and stationery way cooler than mine?

This is … fine. Not really my bag. But, hey, if you’d like to have some weeds growing atop your windows and get the occasional friendly anonymous message from a stranger, it’s hardly the worst thing you could do to your computer. Seems to take a heavier toll on the graphics processor than I expected, but not dreadful. I saw in the dev comments that people were having trouble uninstalling it, but if you just find the appropriate icon in the task bar, shutting it down seems easy enough.

Honestly? I preferred Desktop Goose. I kinda liked the mean little fucker chasing my mouse and dragging in self-aggrandizing memes. I guess some people like disruptive geese, other people like weeds and friendliness. Plenty of room for both types of people.

But. Is there enough room for the sort of people who are into:

Page 1, Game 19: EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER by Heather Flowers

“Gay disaster mech pilots killing fascists”


Right. This is either going to go on the “Awesome” list or the “Totally pissed me off” list. I see absolutely no room for middle ground here.