Justice Playthrough #89: Grime & Gaslight

Let’s play hide & seek!

Page 33, Game 21: Grime & Gaslight by Nekros Arts

Bless the crosses before the monster murders you.

That’s it.

There’s a needlessly convoluted backstory; those wacky Satanists have taken over a town and summoned a nice murderous demon, I guess for the lulz. You’re a priest and you’re here to….

I’m not sure, actually. For all the words in the backstory, it’s remarkably short on motivation. “Bless all 12 holy crosses scattered throughout the town, and the demon will be sent back to hell.” Boom. Motivation. Fixed it. Just pretend it’s that.

The game takes a bit of getting used to. The engine it’s based on is clearly meant for an FPS, but it isn’t one. This is survival horror; there’s a monster running around out there, and if he gets you, game over.

Ah, this fucker

You have four vials of holy water that you’re going to be using to bless those crosses. You can throw one of them at the demon, but that’s stupid. Both the “bless” and “chuck” actions involve holding down the mouse button, and if you see this fucker bearing down on you, you do NOT have time for that cycle to complete. The game suggests that splashing it with holy water only stuns it for a moment anyway. And besides, if you throw a vial, now you’re down to three vials! Screw that!

There are only three things in the environment that matter: the monster, the crosses you need to activate, and the fonts of holy water you use to refill your vials. Everything else is just an obstacle, and cannot be interacted with.

The game tells you to pay careful attention to the sounds you hear, presumably because they’re important. Most of them are not. Grime & Gaslight is here to deliver jump scares, and surprise noises are one of its go-to tricks. I saw this coffin:


Moments later, I heard a loud creaking noise from behind me. Oh, no! Something nasty was coming out of the coffin to come after me! Right?

I turned around.


Coffin was unchanged. Coffin is just decoration. It’s all just decoration, really.

Now, the running noises? The growling noises? Those are the noises you care about. Those are your cue to run for it.

Once you accept how dirt simple this game really is, it’s fine. Run around, find the crosses, bless the crosses, do it before the monster kills you.

It feels like there ought to be a stealth element here, but nah. Just leg it. That’s really your only trick.

This has the feel of a decent B-movie. It’s ultra low-budget, clearly, and raw as fuck in a lot of ways, but if you can get on it’s wavelength, there’s something to enjoy here.

It’s not for me; I prefer a little more meat on the bones than this, and got bored of the game fairly quickly. But I could see someone having fun approaching this as a puzzle to be solved. If getting chased around by a monster sounds like fun, give it a look.

What game will I run into the arms of next? C’mon, Random Number Generator. It’s been a while since you gave me one I really enjoyed. Hook a reviewer up here.

Page 10, Game 7: Headliner: NoviNews by Unbound Creations

“Award-winning adventure where you control the news and its impact on society, your friends and career.”

Hey, I’ve heard the media is this all-powerful entity that can warp the very fabric of reality with its whims. I could handle getting me some of that.