Justice Playthrough #9: HOT GAY BRO DRAGONS, by Riverhouse Games

For an exciting change of pace, I think I’ll actually PLAY one of these tabletop devils instead of just looking over the rules.

Page 27, Game 28: HOT GAY BRO DRAGONS, by Riverhouse Games

A game for two people totally into each other, and would like to express it. By pretending to be a pair of gay dragons.

This game is all about imagining yourselves as huge fire-breathing beasts who are totally into each other, and just can’t stop complementing each other. For real, the game is a series of guided questions about what kinds of dragons you are, with directives to tell each other why that’s AWESOME. Also, there is treasure. When you really like something your dragon-bro says about you, give him some treasure!

I found it adorable. Didn’t quite work for Jasmine, though. She didn’t appreciate the directive to get super pun-tastic with it. Like how HOT we are. Cuz dragons. Get it? It was honestly a bit TOO loosey-goosey for her liking; there’s not much here other than swapping compliments back and forth.

But even if it didn’t quite work for her, she found it to be a pleasant way to spend twenty minutes. I feel like that’s the floor for how much you’ll dig this game if you and your partner are comfortable with verbal affection: at the very least, it’s a pleasant way to hang with each someone you love.

Also, I got to describe laying back on a big ol’ glacier in Norway watching the northern lights, just melting my dragon self into the ice.

If you have a partner who’d like to pretend to be a dragon with you, it’s absolutely worth a look.

All right, what’s next?

Page 45, Game 25: Plasty: A Thing of Beauty, by Tinker Taylor Publications

“A LARP in the plastic surgeon’s waiting room”

Yeah, guessing I’m not gonna be playing this one, either. But let’s see if it makes me think that I should.