Justice Playthrough #93: Scratch’s Sc0re: Hellish Descent

Okay, so this isn’t playable.

Page 54, Game 19: Scratch’s Sc0re: Hellish Descent by NinjaHELL! Productions

Ah, it’s a print-n-play! I used to do a little vlog on those. I’m down for it — if the game looks good enough.

Where are the instructions? Checking the main page … ah, it’s a print-n-play SUPPLEMENT. Okay. Surprised there isn’t an instructions page, but I’m guessing that’ll be obvious if I knew the rules to the base game. Do I have the base game as part of this bundle?

I can’t tell such things from going to the game’s page, I’d have to download it through the bundle … ah, there it is, on page 49. Right, download that guy, and … still no instructions.


All right, go to the game’s page … is that an instructions PDF? I think it might be. And … it’s 32 pages?!

Sorry, game, but you are making me work WAAAAY too hard to tell if I’m even curious enough to play you.


Page 47, Game 19: Brick Breaker Remix by whilefun

“A remix of the classic game you know and love”

Ooh. Yeah, let’s break some bricks, yo.