Justice Playthrough #94: Brick Breaker Remix

Hey, this looks familiar.

Page 47, Game 19: Brick Breaker Remix by whilefun

Arkanoid-alike. You know the drill; ball goes up, ball hits a brick or two (hopefully), ball comes back down, get your paddle under it and bounce it back up there again. Occasionally, it’ll knock loose a power-up that you may catch. Knock out all the bricks, move on to the next level.

Getcha bounce on

I’ve played this game, plenty of times. Balance feels a bit wonky; the ball moves too slowly for my liking, and the paddle moves too fast (even on its slowest setting). But, what the heck, plenty of games take old ideas and spruce ’em up with new elements. So, what new ideas is Brick Breaker Remix bringing to the party?

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Page 11, Game 3: Cycle 28 by Pill Bug Interactive

“A fast-paced space shooter with screen-shaking explosions and a mystery at its heart.”

Aw, yeah. Shake my screen, baby.